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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  July 18, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm CDT

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>> the rain we've been talking about needing here's some of it. >> most rain we've had in almost 2 1/2 months. i don't think i would want to be sitting at wrigley field. in recent days these nimbus clouds have led to some beautiful photos from our viewers. jeff captured this one outside and this one was captured. these things have been peppering the skies all over the
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place. the problem is rains until tonight have been scattered. lawrence dean campbell, jr. captured this thunderstorm looking east earlier today. the radar has tracked the tops of these clouds at about 45,000 feet tonight. in some cases more than that. at the top of those clouds, temperature 80 degrees below zero. this is the way these confused skies looked. one minute sunny, the next minute gray. you can see the rain shaft cutting visibility off in the distance. we've had some blockbuster storms come in during the course of the evening. here you see this in our three-dimensional display. storms backed up. we lose because of rain intensity we got part of our data delivered by satellite so we lose the vertical
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structure. we have the rest of the data. you can see where the heaviest is right now. on the front end you get the thunderstorms that produce the gusty winds and i was going to show you this little bow echo right here. we'll zoom in. i think we can get a little bit closer. you'll see a little arc. this is the radar signature of a thickly strong wind producing band of wind. this thing has dropped from du page county into cook county. if you're in the area i suspect your winds are as strong as anywhere. obviously lightning has been prolific and the worst of it is right over us right now the lightning lets up as we go to the west and yet the rains continue. it looks like based on the width of this we'll get about an hour to an hour and a half of rain. there you can see the heaviest concentration of lightning coming across wheeling and into downtown chicago and the rest of cook county. this is the area where the storms have been producing hail. we can track that by looking at the
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amount of moisture in a column of air off the radar signature. so we can track where the most likely areas for hail have been. there is the wide view of this system. this is a little complex and there may be a second one that develops tomorrow afternoon, before we go into somewhat cooler drier air on saturday. only to heat up again over the weekend. thunderstorm warnings in the orange area. the watch in yellow, is in effect until 1:00 in the morning. here are some of the rain totals. glen view an early report of two inches of rain. winnetka, 1.63. north brook 1.83. some of these numbers skew high and that may be the nature of the rain gauge taking the reading but it gives you an idea where these heavy rains are coming down at winfield at the ag sciences school. not all of this has been just -- sol of these came down in storms earlier. look at the wisconsin totals from new richmond
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cumberland prairie du chien 52 wind gusts. this is the weather camera on the tower up in madison, wisconsin. showing that squaw line moving in high resolution. that was quite a scene up there. until tonight, it had been 48 days since our last half inch of rain. 76 days since our last inch and a half of rain which we apparently have gotten in some parts of the area. there is the storm complex blowing up. these are storms that went through earlier today. all of this occurring on the apex of incredibly hot air. the west and southern suburbs were near 100 today from rockford out to aurora. and south all the way. the next seven days may see 1.53 inches of rain. individual rain totals from half an inch to three. with a hot day
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tomorrow here you see the wave crossing the area. the first batch of storms has come through. another one may develop, favoring the area from chicago south tomorrow and then here's this high pressure that kind of builds in on friday, with an easterly wind that drops the humidity the dew points will go from the 70's where they were today down to the mid-60's. that's still a little humid. but the humid air is running up the backside of this and it's going to get hot. there is also a risk of severe weather in this area tomorrow and there are the high temperatures today with st. louis at 106. and you know something, we could get way up into the 90's next week. all the way from sunday afternoon to monday, tuesday, and wednesday, the way it looks right now. we're not done with this. the benchmark here, 1988 we had to wait until the end of july to get 90-degree days. we just got a
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report elgin has received 1.0 a5 inches of rain in 20 minutes. downpour generating thunderstorms, tapering off later tonight. low temperatures down to 272. i guess we have quite a morning show tomorrow with an outdoor concert and jeff producer was asking about that. i think you'll still sneak that in. should start with some sun but clouds and storms in the afternoon or evening. high of 93. 40% coverage on the afternoon storms and they may be active and gusty wind producers. tomorrow night, low 70's. a beautiful day. more moderate humidity. 86 with northeast winds lowering the temperatures just a tad at the beaches. and then it's back to the heat again on saturday afternoon. sunday, monday tuesday and wednesday we go into a way bo normal temperature regime again next week. so, but at least we've got a little rain. that makes a dent here in the drought but we'll be
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hearing from folks who weren't so lucky. >> we've got some video from the northwest side of the city. >> wow! >> there it is. >> that's -- isn't that something? >> you know you think rain would be nothing unusual around here -- >> right now -- >> my word. those things actually fall from the sky. it's kind of nice to see. >> we know what they say when it rains it pours. >> it does. >> with some wind and lightning. did it in quite dramatic fashion. got the ball game in. and the cubs won. >> you're saying that concert tomorrow morning -- >> i think it will be okay. >> those guys need all the help they can get. >> morning show right? >> thank you. >> see you later, guys. >> so we go from rain to talking about mosquitoes right? >> trucks were out in force on the northwest side tonight. spraying after mosquito pools tested positive for the disease. here's more from the newsroom with more on the city's mosquito battle.
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>> the dry weather, you would think, would be helping with the west nile situation but not so much. no human cases of west nile so far this year but mosquitoes have been testing positive for this potentially deadly disease. there is no secure for it. all you can do is try to prevent it. it's the pre-dusk ritual for city contractors vector disease control. prep the trucks pour the pesticide and roll out spraying affected areas in fight against the mosquito that carries the west nile virus. >> the overall mosquito levels are lower but the ones that carry west nile virus are very much there and are -- many of them are infected. >> meant to be some audio. apparently we missed i missed it. spray tomorrow as
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well as tonight where west nile virus has been found in trapped mosquitoes. the spray they are using not harmful to people or pets. they say but it is recommended that residents in the areas being sprayed stay inside with doors and windows closed. the reason the drought, the dry weather, isn't helping with the west nile situation, you're seeing fewer mosquitoes, but more of those that carry the west nile virus. >> thanks for going with the flow. we'll go from minnesota, winner of the midwest youth winner receiving a $10000 check at the world of whirlpool headquarters on north lasalle. he'll go on to compete for the international youth of the year award. wgn's reporter was the emcee. she said the boys and girls clubs are invaluable when it comes to keeping youngsters safe off the streets and furthering their
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>> a weird collection of 40,000 records was recently found at wgn radio. >> here's more on the story. take a look. ♪ >> i love music. i've been collecting music since i was 8. >> they started with the website in 1996, but 10 years ago dusty groove america opened this record shop at 1129 north ashland. they have been buying and selling vintage vinyl ever since. >> dusty groove is a record store with a specialty in unusual and odd music. i guess record stores themselves are kind of a specialty these days but we handle a lot of things you
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may not normally find in a regular store. we definitely carry rock music but we specialize in brazilian music latin a lot of jazz, sold funk. >> the founder walked us around the story showing off some of their rarities. >> give me a $100 record. >> that one up there, axelrod that's a hard to find one, he's a producer for capital records. >> other records end up in the bargain bin. >> the best of -- for 49 cents, are you crazy? >> wow, look how much fun they were having back then. >> jean jacket no shirt. >> he and his 25 employees buy old record collections on a regular basis. one of his recent purchases caught our attention. >> they give us a call, they were relocating in the building, and the record collector was one of the assets that they just weren't using. >> wgn radio has moved from its downstairs home to the seventh floor, as part of that moving process, they reached out to collectors to see who would be interested in buying their old music library which
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happens to be 40,000 records strong. dusty groove made the deal. >> this is the collection here. and -- >> this is part of it. this is what we've got in the basement. we have a lot more upstairs as well but this is a great example of the physical bulk of it. >> and each of these boxes weighs about 70 pounds. >> they are in the early stages of unpacking these boxes, discovering all kinds of hidden gems. >> things like muddy waters. louie armstrong sings disney songs. >> here's a gem a couple of rolling stones promos. >> two copies which is nice. the promo ones those can be quite valuable. >> dudley moore, great jazz pianist, a lot of people don't know that. >> all the records will be untilled and cleaned if necessary. >> the machine scrubs it two ways forwards and backwards. >> is it regular soap? >> no, a special
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solution that we use. the company makes the machine. after you've scrubbed it, then you rotate the record and vacuum off the fluid and all the dirt goes away so it's very very clean. >> then they will be labeled, priced and ready to sell. >> how long it will take to get all of these records from these boxes up to the store and into someone's house. >> i hope by december. but we'll see. we would like town them over quickly but the other thing that happens is we've always got other collections. i've got a collection in indiana i've got to look at one in milwaukee and sometimes, you know, we've just got to fold all of these collections together and juggle our money and make sure we come out on top. >> and you can check out dusty groove america at 1120 north ashland, there is the information on your screen. you can also find more of it at >> coming up fenway park proves to be a tough place for hernandez to make his big league debut. >> cooperstown all decked out for this weekend's induction
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so if you're one of those people who gets heartburn and then treats day after day block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place. [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. >> this trip to boston has had some high highs and low notes. >> tough to make your major league debut at fenway park. >> that's in the fire. another rookie pian her on the hill for the chicago white sox. for the most part the rookies have answered the call. not tonight. pedro hernandez got racked big tonigse at fenway. the 10th rookie pitcher used by the chicago white sox thanks to a batch of injuries. not pretty.
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things tougher than in charloy le. ross, three-run shot made it 4-1 bo sox. and ross was just beginning. cubs up later with two men on. sends this one deep and gone. another three-run blast. bo sox win 3 c1 tt 4. detroit won and cleveland is winning. >> a betbay ling second and taking long walks on the beach darwin -- >> having some fun. afth ouncing the lineups. the cub and the marlins, cubs down 1-0. 1t 4 in the seventh inning, soto chops one over the infield. the cg.
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cooperstown new york, finally making it in after pav ring away. ron cherin d the idea of joining his cub hall of fame teammates. >> he wanted to be in there with his teammates and other contemporaries of the bo 960s, roberto clemente willie mae maze chlt dar- mays. he would hfor the been thrilled to be included. >> we'll hfor the complete coverage of the entire hall of fame weekend. we bustin reports tomorrow and we'll have a half-hour special on sunday night at 9:by as the baseball hall
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of fame welcomes in number 10. in golf tiger woods tees off at 3:30 a.m. chicago time tomorrow as the britin open gets under way. the 70th minute scores for the red bulls. the only goal of the game. fire lose 1-0. he had won four out of the last s9. con ng in. finally the most courageous player of the mostar. bret lowrie of the blue jays goes after a foul ball. he dives tumbling over into the deck. he tries to make the catch. the ball goes out of his clg. he was taken to the clubhouse he's th ray but banged his lust prey ly good. diving into a comment area like that g3 c1 >e honigs credit.
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he's a gamer. even the opponents can't stand to watch. there he is being helped off. what a great effort by this young man. ®00ot to g3 c1 >e honigs credit. glad he was not seriously hurt. >> tough to waan h. >> hit that kneecap or ankle. >> it's scary, going against the wall is scary enough but cement and the camera it was a rough one. >> that will do it for this wednesday night. thank you for spending some time with us. >> don't forget, updates, te back out to wriat aey field shortly as the rain delay continyes as wrigley fieled t hfor the a good night.
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>> chicago cg. baseball brought to you by -- bud light. the sure sign of a good time. the o10.icial soft drink of major league baseball. zero calories maximum p osi taste. the illinois lottery. do you believe in the power of possibility. anything is possible. >> and by ford. check them out at your local ford store or online at localfordstoresnumberom . >> welcome back to wrigley fieled t we've been under a rain delay for about 50 minutes. so cre oing up on an hour here and this field has taken on a lot of water once again. the wind has died down and the rain which was pretty much horizontal blowing in o10. the lake, is now coming straight down. not very hard but it has not stopped
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yet. the cubs lead 5-1, in the top of the he oghth ifth ing the marlins are batting. with a runner at first and one out. cg. ron santo will go into the hall of cubme on sunday in cooperstown as we look back at his wonderful cg. career, and the big day when it was announced he was going into the hall of f heree. >> the committee has elected the newest member of the national baseball hall of fame, ron santo. >> it was a prohri moment that day when we were riding over in the limo and jane clae ri got vicki on the phone. and i got a chance to talk to her. e hne of the first things i said was, we got it done. ron got it done because he was a good player. >> i was overjoyed.


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